Registering as an Indian national

As an Indian National, you can register as a part of our network. Our mentors can provide you a sponsor ID for your benefit, to help you connect with us and become part of one of the best Atomy teams in India and South Korea. Joining through our team provides you the benefits of incredible support, training, guidance, and assurance of growth.

Steps to become a member:

  • Visit the Atomy registration page and click on Join us

  • Use the ID supplied by our team to login to the portal. Contact us on Whatsapp +821030737035

  • Select the status as Distributor and click on ‘Join Us’

  • Carefully go through the orientation, agreements, and other important information and agree to ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on ‘Confirm’ afterwards

  • Enter your personal details accurately. Please provide a valid proof of address by attaching a soft copy of the document and click on ‘Confirm’

  • Enter the sponsor ID provided in the field, select the branch, and select Atomy India as your center

  • Complete the registration process by submitting you details and finish it with click on ‘Confirm’

  • You may now use your registered User ID and password to continue your Atomy journey. Verification of ID may take 24-48 hours.

Registering as a global member

You can become a global member of Atomy in 30+countries in case your country does not have an Atomy Centre yet.

Steps to become a global member

  • Visit the global Atomy registration site and go to Atomy ATOMY HUB, and click on ‘Join’ option

  • Select your ‘Nationality’ and proceed to the relevant website and choose ‘Global membership’

  • Select your ‘Region’ ‘Language and click on ‘I have a sponsor’

  • Carefully go through the guidelines, orientation, agreements, terms and conditions

  • Fill in your personal information, and ID proof documents

  • Enter your sponsor details

  • Verify your registration and your global membership will now be active

Join our Team