OurTeam Advantage

A masterclass in business success

Being under the right leadership and team determines the difference between business success and failure.

If you are a young go-getter beginning your career, or an established salaried professional with a thirst to build assets beyond what our 9-5 jobs would let us dream about, our team will teach you strategies to help you make better use of your time and resources. If you are someone with a thirst for smarter asset creation, our Atomy team may be for you.

We can support you even if you have already begun your Atomy journey and help you can build a better foundation for your Atomy network marketing business.

Advantages of joining our network

  • Handholding until you master market strategies, products, and crucial business skills

  • Guidance in Marathi, Tamil, Bangla, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, and other major Indian languages.

  • Dedicated meetings on pre-defined days.

  • Regular workshops.

  • Support system to grow your business, network, and team

  • Removal of apprehension around selling and pitching.

  • Ready and proven learning resources and programmes, developed by our Bangalore Vision Centre team.

  • Guidance on how to develop yourself

  • Guidance on how to not to sell, how to present yourself as a strong network marketer and presenting the company accurately

Member path

New members are put through 4-6 weeks of business training and development programmes, to ensure that they begin their journey with the vital skills and tools required to become a success at Atomy. Regular weekly meetings for education, product demos and mentorship will also be the mainstay of a member’s journey at Atomy.

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